Bipartisan Bill to Cap Lottery Advertising – AB 454

We have some great news!

As you may recall, Governor Walker’s 2017-19 budget calls for increasing annual lottery advertising spending by $3 million to $10.5 million. That’s a 40% boost in funding for advertising aimed at increasing lottery sales, many of which are sold in the zip codes with the lowest per capita income.

As we know, this advertising comes at a cost that can be measured in tax dollars spent and the devastating impact of gambling on Wisconsin families.
Thankfully, we have a bipartisan effort led by Representative Rob Hutton and Senator Fred Risser to cap spending on lottery advertising at $5M annually, as well limiting the scope of advertising with protective measures (AB 454/ SB 370).

This is a significant step in the right direction!

You can help in an enormous way, without much effort at all . Click here to sign our petition!

And please consider contacting your state elected officials today and ask them to support the bipartisan effort to cap lottery advertising. Find your legislators and their contact information here.

Many thanks!