Forum on Combatting Legalization of Internet Gambling Draws Dozens of Citizens

Burlington –  Citizens Against Expanded Gambling and Wisconsin Family Council partnered to hold their first forum last night, drawing a crowd of 39 participants in Burlington.  The forum informed citizens on the facts about the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) industry, the impact of legalizing Internet gambling, and provided effective tools of engagement to combat expected legislation from the Wisconsin State Legislature.

Attendees were encouraged to contact their state legislators and educated on effective means of communicating the information to their circle of friends and family members.  The next forum will be held at the Pizza Ranch in Sheboygan on Thursday, February 2, with an additional 6 to follow throughout the state.

Under the Wisconsin State Constitution, internet gambling is prohibited.  The only way DFS can circumvent this prohibition without a constitutional amendment is through defining DFS as a game of skill rather than a game of chance. Lobbyists for the industry have sold the idea of “regulation” legislation to state legislators as a consumer protection bill.

“Consider for a moment, what other industry has ever sought to regulate itself?  The objective of any such bill is to project a false appearance of regulation and create the impression this is being done on behalf of consumers.  And in this case, the effect is the legalization of internet gambling,” said Julaine Appling, President of Wisconsin Family Council.

“If our state’s leaders choose to rely on gambling proceeds to help balance the budget, it would be a clear sign the Wisconsin State Legislature has surrendered to special interests,” said Appling.


Forum participants eagerly engage in learning about DFS and the importance of communicating with their legislators.